Case study GIVE-AWAY

Square box with four opening options, two-part, flat-packed with magnetic closure:

Lidded box:
Board/card grey smooth, 2 mm, laminated with comtesse/linen, approx. 173 g/sqm and 210 g/sqm and Surbalin seda, 115 g/sqm both from peyer

Direct embossing on laminated board/card with black embossing film

Inside dimensions: approx. 105 x 107 x 107 mm

Made using KOLBUS BOXline machines

  • Rotary cutter for cardboard PK 170
  • Embossing press PE 312
  • Grooving machine NM 101
  • Casemaker DA 260
  • Magnet inserter SW.M 400
  • Lining machine SA 260

Implemented by the KOLBUS team