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Presentation box for perfume

Telescopic box with upright box section glued on one side:

Telescopic box:
Cardboard/card Eska®black, deep black, 2 mm,
lined with Ispira from Fedrigoni, 120 g/sqm

direct embossing on bookbinding card with film KURZ MTS 420, 1/0 colour black (offset) + partial UV gloss paint + hot film embossing

Inside dimensions: 103 x 103 x 105 mm

Made using KOLBUS BOXline machines

  • Rotary cutter for cardboard PK 170
  • Embossing press PE 312
  • Grooving machine NM 101
  • Casemaker DA 260
  • Corner punch SW.E 500
  • Box making machine SW.H 500

Implemented by the KOLBUS team and Streiff & Helmold GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany